Monday, August 31, 2009

Project 365: Week Five

Ok, so there are still some more pictures to post from our trip but I would like to hang out with my husband tonight so they are going to have to wait. I will post our weekly pictures and save the rest for another day later this week so be sure to check back to see some of the sights we saw when we were not on the ship. :)

Week five in pictures.

8.25.09 The first morning on the boat. This was our view for breakfast. We are kinda dark but it makes the ocean look very vivid.

8.26.09 Our first stop was in Cozumel.

8.27.09 The color of the water was amazing.

8.28.09 Us and the group picture of all of towel animals.

8.29.09 Wating for them to call our deck so we can get off the ship.

8.30.09 We had so much laundry when we got back so we teamed it up. Lucy wasn't gonna let us out of her sight for too long that day. She missed us a lot.

8.31.09 Today is my sister's birthday so Clint, Lucy and I want to wish her a Happy Birthday! So glad she is feeling better and gets to spend the day at home instead of the hospital.

Cruise Time

Some pictures from the ship.

Our boat.

Clint on the top deck of the boat.

Kaleena and the skyline of Mobile.

The coast guard taking us away from the shore.

Saying goodbye to Mobile. You can barely see it on the horizon.

Some artistic birds made out of vegetables.

More pretty food.

Pretty Ocean.


More relaxing.

Clint going down the slide. "Awesome."

My hubby. :)

Playing Jamaican music on the very cool instrument.

We got to watch them making an ice sculpture.

The crazy looking night light in our room.

The sun was so pretty reflecting off the water.

Cozumel at night. After leaving Cozumel we had to turn around and go back because they had to take someone to the hospital. We got to see the city all lit up at night.

Our Maitre d' on the last night.

All the waiters perform for us every night at dinner. The two at the very front were our waiters.

The view of the ship from the highway on the way home.

The bridge over the Mississippi River on the way home.


Maybe I am the only one that is a sucker for sunsets but I love them. We took lots of pictures and I had a really hard time picking just a few so I am going to post almost all of them. I hope you enjoy them and don't think I am too crazy for posting all of them. They are just so beautiful.

So pretty and peaceful....

Little Towel Animals

All of these little guys were one of my favorite things about the cruise. Every night they would put a new towel animal on the bed for us. I would get so excited cause I knew as soon as dinner was done we could go back to the room and meet our new little friend. We kept them all until the last day so we could take a group picture with them too. I had so much fun with them! :)

The elephant - He was my favorite

I even taught him some tricks. :)

The little puppy.

The bunny.

The crab.

The swan.

The elephant wanted to go home with us.

The swan was keeping his eye on things. He looks so sad and lonely in this picture looking at our packed bags and the elephant, who thought he was going with us.