Saturday, July 30, 2011


Once again, my how the time has passed.  Life gets busy and heavy and time gets away.  There really isn't a good excuse for my lack of posting except life.  I have been told that for little Chloe's sake I needed to update here [Hi Meagen! :)]

What's that?  Who's Chloe?  Hmm.  I guess I should back up a little.  Big changes are underway in our little world.

We spent a year and a half trying to get pregnant, experienced some heartbreak and some pretty painful life lessons.  None of these things were pleasant, but as I look back now I can see how these circumstances were necessary to get us to this place and how we definitely did not need a baby during that time. God's timing is perfect.

In February we got quite a surprise.
Yup, that's right.  I was shocked.  After so many negative tests it is quite shocking to finally see a positive.  I was excited, I was terrified, so many conflicting emotions.

Time passed, sickness and yuckiness came, mostly in the evenings, chocolate milk was my friend, I found that I was starving all the time.  I needed at least one nap a day, although I didn't always get one.  We told our families first thing and made the announcement on Facebook.  I had a couple of little things come up that were not quite normal right off the bat so we decided to wait until our first trimester was over to let all of our co-workers in on our little secret.  It was one of the hardest secrets I have ever kept. 

Here is baby at about 16 weeks.
Just starting to make an appearance. 

The second trimester finally came.  We broke the news to our co-workers.  I finally started feeling a little better and got some energy back.  Although the past couple of weeks I have felt like I am back in my first trimester.  Where has my energy gone?  I have been so tired.  I finally started feeling baby move around week 19.  Our baby is a very active little one.  She has lots of fun in there.  On week 20 we found out we were having a little girl.  We were both super excited to be having a girl. Our unusual complications cleared up.  So far our second trimester has been a super busy one. We have been looking for a bigger place to live, make decisions concerning work and the future and trying to find the perfect name for our little one.  We are slowly crossing things off of our to do list.  Hopefully soon we get to do some fun things like registering for baby stuff.  I am super excited for that. :)

Meet Chloe Michelle (at 12 weeks)

Here we are at almost 23 weeks.
She's growing!
Well that is our big news for now.  We go back to the doctor on Monday so we will have an update after that.  This has turned in to  pretty long post so I will be back soon.