Monday, October 26, 2009

Project 365: Week Twelve

Week twelve in pictures.

10.20.09 Clint was rubbing my back and Lucy wanted in on the action.

10.21.09 Brushing teeth.

10.22.09 Clint's turn for a back rub.

10.23.09 Date night at the movies. This theater serves dinner along with the movie.

10.24.09 Us and Clint's car.

10.25.09 Playing games.

10.26.09 His and hers - younger years.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Project 365: Week Eleven

Week eleven in pictures.

10.13.09 Cooking supper.

10.14.09 Clint totally set this shot up. It turned out pretty cute. Kisses!

10.15.09 Its Thursday again. Watching tv. (yes I wear this shirt a lot. My working wardrobe is somewhat limited :))

10.16.09 His and hers with Lucy.

10.17.09 The best coupons in the world from Subway. Buy one get one free. We can eat for cheap and there are six of them!

10.18.09 Enjoying some shoulder to shoulder time.

10.19.09 Checking the mail.

Project 365: Week Ten

Week ten in pictures.

I am still playing catch up trying to get all the pictures posted. For the first time since we got married I finally feel like I am caught up on the all the house work and had some free time this weekend, which is a great feeling After today I will be caught up on the pictures for our project 365 which makes me feel even better!

10.6.09 Clint made dinner tonight. I was sooo excited. It was delicious too!

10.7.09 We had a water main break at our apartment which resulted in 24 hours without water. We were watching them work on the pipe.

10.8.09 Our hobby on Thursday nights. Watching tv. Our favorite shows are on Thursdays nights.

10.9.09 Watching tv again with Lucy. She looks so content.

10.10.09 His and hers.

10.11.09 Outside the restaurant where we spend Sunday afternoons watching football. Note to self: Next time stand closer to the person taking the picture instead of the building, that way you won't be so tiny in the picture.

10.12.09 With the pretty orchid Clint bought me. I hope I don't kill it. It is so beautiful!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project 365: Week Nine

Project 365: Week Nine

Better late then never! Clint is watching football and I am finally caught up on all the house work except for one load of laundry in the dryer that needs to be hung up. Since we have to go to the little restaurant near our house to watch the game because his team is not on "regular" t.v. in our part of the country, I have some uninterrupted time to actually post some pictures.

9.29.09 Trying to get a picture with Lucy has gotten more difficult. When she sees the camera she takes off. I was trying to be sneaky and take one when she didn't know it. This picture turned out a little blurry but I kinda like the results because it is different from our normal pictures.

9.30.09 Almost made it. Sometimes getting back to the picture before the camera goes off is a bit tricky. We were enjoying some warm weather at the pool.

10.1.09 It's made out of VELVET! This was Clint's favorite shirt "back in the day." I'll admit he looks good in it, but i can't get past the fabric.

10.2.09 Us and Lucy with the flowers Clint brought me.

10.3.09 At a cool sushi restaurant on our date. (what is wrong with my neck and head????)

10.4.09 At the restaurant watching football.

10.5.09 His and hers. Valentine bears from when we were dating. Clint's is the big one and he named it Bart. A manly name for a manly bear! :)