Monday, April 14, 2014

Surprise by Chloe

One day while cleaning up toys I discovered this.  No wonder I can't find most of my silverware!  I wish I could be a part of their imagination to see what inspired this! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dates

Clint and Chloe have gone on a few daddy daughter dates lately.  Our church had a tea party for them one day and once a month I have a teacher's meeting on Tuesday night, so every once in a while they go out for dinner while I am gone.

 I was putting on a scarf and sunglasses to go to my meeting and Chloe insisted on borrowing one of my scarves and then went to find her sunglasses before she left with Daddy to eat.  

I posted a picture of their Daddy/Daughter tea a few days ago where she had her total cheese face on.  This one is a perfect picture of both of them.  I think I need to print this one!

I always wonder what they do on their dates, but I love seeing them get to go do stuff just the two of them.  Such special times and she will love having those memories. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Bunch of Pictures

We are about to have another post with a bunch of random pictures! Get ready!

 Winter time indoor play with Daddy is way different than it is with Mama.  We get to bounce on storage containers like a trampoline and then launch ourselves off of them like a diving board.

 Playing in her "room" with her stuffed friends and blankets.  Silly girl.

 Fell asleep while cuddling with Daddy.

 Playing in the sunshine, at last!


 Soapy water playtime on a chilly day

 Holding hands at lunch time

 My little artist

 Loves anything that is crafty

 Helping Daddy decorate Poppa's birthday card

 A complete accident, but she was very proud that she made a "B"

 Waiting for Daddy to come home from work

 We had a petting farm at MDO one day.  Chloe loved it and still talks about it.  The baby chicks were her favorite and at one point she had one in each hand and was hopping up and down from excitement.  Poor little chicks.  I hope they all survived the day! 

 Coloring while we are doing laundry

 Pretty little pose

She is so funny.  I love the static in her hair too.

 Tired little girl fell asleep while watching a movie with Daddy

 I was getting laundry out of the washer and turned around to find this.  Don't worry I made her get right out, but it was too cute not to take a picture first.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprise by Chloe

Chloe likes to help me wash the dishes and now that she is tall enough to reach the counter I really have to be careful where I put things.  This day apparently the comet was within her reach and she went to work trying to help me.  She keeps me on my toes!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pflug Christmas

Christmas with my family this year was a little different and I don't have many pictures to document it.  My Papaw passed away a couple of days before Christmas so we had his graveside service on Christmas Eve.  It was a Christmas full of emotion as we mourned the loss of a very special person and rejoiced that he was no longer suffering, but instead actually getting to spend Christmas with Jesus. 

A couple of days after Christmas was his memorial service, but at this point I was super sick so had to stay home because I thought I was going to die. 2 days after I got sick Chloe got sick at which point we finally asked Clint to take us to a clinic in Amarillo where we were diagnosed with the flu.  2 days later, after Clint had gone home to go back to work, he got sick.  My dad was the last victim of this nasty bug, but thankfully my mom and sister managed to escape somehow.  It was a Christmas break to remember for sure, but that is why there are not too many pictures.

 Christmas Eve gift


 Her new vacuum

 Showing Mamaw (Chloe isn't trying to start a new trend, she got the panties in her stocking and insisted on wearing them.)

She insisted on having Mimi and Pawpaw sit right beside her while she played with the magnets on the refrigerator

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mann Christmas

This year since we had a major move and are trying our best to save for a house we couldn't go back to Houston to see Clint's family for Christmas.  We are so thankful that his parents were able to drive out for a few days so we could see them and have Christmas with some of Clint's family.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Surprise by Chloe

I noticed Chloe's pillow had been getting a little flat, but couldn't figure out what was going on.  Finally one day when I was getting ready to vacuum and I found where she had unzipped the pillow and and stashed most of the stuffing. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


When we moved here people told us this area had mild winters.  I remember being relieved because I had gotten used to Houston's mild winters.  Well apparently this winter was not the norm... And can I just say that there is a reason that camping is a summer sport.  Camping in the winter is hard work!!  I spent more chilly mornings than I care to admit defrosting our water faucet with my hair dryer so that we would have running water again.  I finally got a system down for the most part that kept the water from freezing except on those extreme days.  We had several ice storms that always left everything beautiful outside, but liked to knock out our power and keep us shut up inside for days at a time.  Chloe loved eating the ice cycles and the cold was a nice break from the sweltering heat of summer though.

 Playing with beans while stuck inside

 See Mama?

 Beautiful grass covered in ice

 Look at that thick ice!


I am definitely not ready for summer to be here again, but I am happy to see the ice go!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Surprise by Chloe

So one day Chloe was supposed to be napping.... I start hearing some noise I didn't immediately recognize so I tiptoed out to her bed.  This is what I found.  She had managed to get her crayons and markers out of the drawer under her bed and into the bed with her and went to work coloring everything she could reach.  Thankfully I only buy washable crayons and markers, but my goodness what a mess!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cell Phone Dump

Ok, fasten your seat belts for this post.   This one is random and scattered.  There will be a ton of pictures and they will probably be completely out of order.  I am trying to get caught up without dragging this out for an eternity.  These pictures were too cute to pass up, but so random they didn't really need their own post so here goes!

 First cold day.  Trying out her new coat, hat and gloves.

 I left her alone to color for a minute and she decided to color her hands and face instead.  

 Building blocks with Daddy and her Kitty.  They love building blocks together.

 Kitty going to the playground with us.  Poor Kitty isn't going to be white for long!

 One of our visits to Mimi and Pawpaw's house she discovered a big patch of "Tickle Grass"

 She loved running in it and it made for some sweet pictures.

 This was the winter of sickness for us.  At least one of us, but most of the time all of were sick for almost the whole winter.  It was brutal.  One batch of sickness Chloe wanted all of her animals on the couch with her while she watched tv.  Daddy is always able to get a smile out of her when she isn't feeling well. 

 A quick family photo one trip to Amarillo.  Why so serious, Chloe?

 One of many trips to the pediatrician this winter.  Chloe loves to clean and apparently thought the patient room needed a good cleaning with her Clorox wipe.

 Coloring on herself again.  A common theme this last fall/winter.

 Cleaning again

 This girl is in love with stuffed animals.  She had quite a collection that she was talking to one day while were out shopping.  She has to stop and love on all the stuffed animals in the store. 
 We had to use a special heated hose this winter for our water.  One of the joys of camping in the winter.  Chloe watched daddy closely and when he was busy elsewhere she decided to help out a little.


 Helping Mama make Dr. Pepper salad for Thanksgiving

 Washing the dishes
 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 Helping me clean some more

 Creative play!

 Ready for a Daddy Daughter tea at church

 Playing outside on a warm winter day

 A new favorite game.  Empty the water from the cabinet and line it up on the steps.

 Helping mama make cookies

 I love her!

 Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Playing in the dirt

 Loves getting dirty

 Pretending she is going night night in her toy box

Sweet sleeping angel

Whew!  I told you that was going to be a crazy post!  Glad you stuck around until the end!