Monday, November 30, 2009

Project 365: Week Sixteen

Week sixteen in pictures

11.17.09 It turned out a little chilly. I was wearing a sweater and was still freezing. You will notice that Clint is still wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

11.18.09 I wasn't feeling very well and Clint bought me some little gifts to cheer me up. I thought these little guys were very cute when were shopping for my nieces.

11.19.09 Lucy is on her "throne". For a few days this was her favorite place to sleep and the look on her face said she thought she was the queen of the house.

11.20.09 We were playing our Nintendo DS and Clint gave Lucy my phone so she could play too. It actually looks like she is doing something with it!

11.21.09 Us and our coats and Lucy. She was not happy about being in this picture AT ALL!

11.22.09 Clint and Lucy watching football and me watching them.

11.23.09 We got new pillows and we love them!

Project 365: Week Fifteen

Week fifteen in pictures.

11.10.09 Clint brought home dinner!

11.11.09 Lucy getting some lovin'.

11.12.09 When we were dating we wrote on sticky notes, things we loved about each other so when we were apart we could read them. We were rereading them.

11.13.09 We were planning our Christmas shopping trip for the next day. I like to have all the Christmas shopping done before Christmas so we were getting organized.

11.14.09 Some things from our shopping trip. This is our first Christmas being married so we bought our "First Christmas" ornament and stockings. Stockings were always my favorite part of Christmas. The little bit of red you see at the bottom is Lucy's stocking. Clint thought she needed one.

11.15.09 We watched the football game at Jeremy and Jordan's house. They made some yummy ribs and desserts.

11.16.09 His and Hers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 365: Week Fourteen

Week fourteen in pictures.

11.3.09 Our feet and Lucy while watching TV.

11.4.09 Sitting on the porch enjoying the fall weather.

11.5.09 His and hers.

11.6.09 Wrapping the gift for Clint's cousin, Meagen's wedding shower.

11.7.09 We saw this amazing sunset on the way home from spending the day with Clint's family so we had to stop and take a picture.

11.8.09 Playing Mario Cart Wii with my sis and brother-in-law.

11.9.09 I made some muffins for breakfast this week and Clint was trying one.

Air Show

The Air Show came to town over Halloween weekend. I have never been to an airshow and was a little apprehensive about spending $15 a person to get in but let me tell you.... it was well worth the money. We go to see so many cool planes! I was amazed at what some of them could do. There were planes that could fly so slow they looked like they were sitting still, planes that could fly backward, planes that were so fast they were completely silent when they flew by only to be followed seconds later with the loudest sound I have ever heard! I also learned that you can see sound! It was amazing and breathtaking all at the same time.

Watching the show!

A replica of the planes that bombed Pearl Harbor.

It looks so mean with those teeth and the gun sticking out of its mouth.

This plane was so huge it transports the paratroopers, supplies and it can even transport tanks! This plane is so powerful it can take off as fast like a fighter even while carrying it's load.

This shot gives a better idea of how big it is when you see the two guys sitting on top of it.

This was a very funny looking plane that NASA uses.

Clint made sure to wear his "Maverick" shirt to the show.

Clint's favorite plane.

Yesterday and Today. The giant plane again. Flying with the plane that was used for the same purpose during WWII. The size difference is unbelievable.

The Japs are attacking! They had a reenactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.




Project 365: Week Thirteen

Week thirteen in pictures

10.27.09 Putting together a puzzle post card from my parents.

10.28.09 His and hers.

10.29.09 Setting up and cleaning the tv trays getting ready for dinner with my parents.

10.30.09 Watching a YouTube video with my parents that my brother-in-law put up.

10.31.09 With a scary looking airplane at the airshow.

11.1.09 Hanging out after a busy weekend with the family. Putting some aloe on Clint's face because it was very sunburned.

11.2.09 Video chatting with the nieces.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Project 365: Week Twelve

Week twelve in pictures.

10.20.09 Clint was rubbing my back and Lucy wanted in on the action.

10.21.09 Brushing teeth.

10.22.09 Clint's turn for a back rub.

10.23.09 Date night at the movies. This theater serves dinner along with the movie.

10.24.09 Us and Clint's car.

10.25.09 Playing games.

10.26.09 His and hers - younger years.