Monday, March 31, 2014


Any one who knows me well knows that I LOVE butterflies.  Last fall when the weather started cooling off a little bit we discovered that we are in a migration path of some monarch butterflies.  We only go to enjoy for them for one day because a super cold wind came in that night and blew them all away, but Chloe and I enjoyed admiring them while they were here!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Little Catch Up - September and October

I have been a horrible blogger lately.  It seemed like the only time I had to blog for a while was on the weekends and the internet connection here was so bad on the weekends I would get frustrated and just give up.  I am almost a year behind in posts by now and I know no one cares at this point what we did last summer.  Ha!  I am still going to try and do a few quick posts with some pictures just so I have a record, since I use this blog to look back and remember what were doing at specific times in our lives and to see how much Chloe has grown and changed.   Feel free to read if you want, or you can check back soon for some more recent posts.

 We went to the fair and Chloe got to pet the animals

 She loved it!

 Such a brave girl

 Taking a pony ride

Riding the rides

 Reading some books

In October we went to Amarillo for a visit with family.  My grandfather was very sick and my sister and her family traveled from Virginia so we could all go visit them.  Chloe got to play with all her cousins and I think they had a lot of fun.

That's a bunch of little girls!