Friday, March 16, 2012

2 Months Old!

You turned two months old in January! 

When you were two months old you discovered you had a tongue and loved to play with it and stuck it out all the time.  You also started showing us little smiles.  They were so cute, but they didn't happen often or last long. 

We learned that you are sensitive to dairy products and super sensitive to caffeine.  You would be awake for hours and hours when mommy had a coke or coffee.  Mommy had to stop eating dairy except in small amounts also.  It was worth it, although mommy sure does miss her Dr. Pepper and her ice cream. 

We spent many hours walking around the apartment at night trying to get you to sleep.  We continued to spend a lot of time in the laundry room to get you to drift in to dream land.

We learned that you loved to be outside and take walks around the apartments.  Thankfully we had a very mild winter so we were able to take regular walks. 

We took you to the doctor and got you some medicine for acid reflux which helped you feel better and also helped you sleep better at night.  I also started you some some probiotics to help your little tummy get its digestive issues regulated.  Slowly, but surely you started  settling down into your new little life. 

You celebrated mommy's birthday with her by going to look at the Christmas lights by the beach.  You slept the whole time, so I am not sure that you were that impressed. 

You fell in love with your Poppa's pillow, which he happily let you borrow for a few weeks so you could lay on your little tummy while people patted your back. 

You moved into your own room when you were 6 weeks old.  You looked so tiny in there all by yourself, but it was time for you to have your own space.  You also outgrew your newborn clothes at 6 weeks, so mommy had to pack them up and get out your 0-3 month clothes.

You newborn blood work came back abnormal so we had to take you to hematologist to have it redone.  That was a very traumatic day for Mommy and you.  They stuck a needle in your tiny little arm and made you scream so loud.  Mommy shed a couple of tears too. 

Your second month of life was pretty stressful, but your Mommy and Daddy were starting to figure out little bits of your personality and were falling even more in love.

 Adoring Daddy

 What's up, Mom?

 Mommy's Birthday, but I look like my Daddy in this picture.

 A little smile

 Walking with Daddy

 Sucking the thumb!

  The baby who had been awake for over 12 hours

Beautiful sleeping angel