Monday, May 13, 2013

Building with Blocks

Chloe got some building blocks for Christmas from Aunt Becky and she hasn't really played with them much before.  All of a sudden they are her favorite toy though!  She insists on playing with them every day usually when it is time for bed. Haha!

She has gotten really good at putting them together and loves for her Daddy to help her.  They sit on the couch and play for a long time together.  It is very sweet.  She looks so big while putting them together and takes it very seriously!

 Little Grin



 This goes here

 Serious business


The way she plays these days has changed.  I can see her little imagination and she plays with such intention and purpose.  Even the way she plays has turned in to a little girl.  I am afraid it is getting harder and harder for me to convince myself she is still a baby.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I found a couple of random pictures on my camera that don't really fit a whole post, but they were too cute to pass up so I had to include them.

 This was before we moved.  I guess she was helping me clean out the refrigerator.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.  She snuggles her blanket and her animals friends all the time.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Backyard Fun

Some pictures from an afternoon of backyard fun.  Chloe loves playing outside so much and we do it pretty much daily when the camper starts feeling too small.

 Playing with her rocks

 Sweet little girl

 Playing with her new water table

 Sampling the water

 My little flower garden

 The Gerber Daisy

 Helping water the yard

 Taking a break to hydrate

 Who can resist this cute face!

Smelling the pretty flowers

I figured since we would be spending so much time outside I may as well plant my flowers this year.  I included some basil, mint and rosemary like before.  This year I also thought I would try my hand at growing a few veggies since I have plenty of space and sunshine.  I planted some tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers.  Hopefully they will give me some veggies this summer!  I will keep you posted!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Temporary Home

Ok, I thought it was about time to give you a little tour of our temporary home.  We are living in my parents' 5th wheel travel trailer for the time being.  We are trying to pay off a couple of things and save a down payment so we can buy a house.  The housing market here is crazy because of the oil boom and a normal person can barely afford to rent anything.  We have decided that buying or even building are much cheaper at the moment, so we just have to get our finances to a place where we can do that.  We are hoping that means we will be here for a year or less.  The 5th wheel is very nice, but a tad crowded for a family with a toddler so we are all having to adjust and learn how to live in such close quarters.  We are very grateful that my parents are letting us borrow their house on wheels for the time being.  So, on to the tour!

 Bathroom.  The sink is to the right behind the door

 The main room.  Couch on the left, dining table and Chloe's toys straight ahead and to the left Chloe's "room"
 Chloe's room.  Crib and clothes in drawers underneath


 Hallway.  The bathroom is to the right and our bedroom is straight ahead

 Our bedroom

 Outside and view of our little yard.  We are very fortunate to have a little grass and fenced in area for Chole to play.  I would be insane if not for this little blessing

 Looking towards the rest of the campground

Wall to wall campers and cars.  The little back row we are on is filled with a lot of permanent residents.  They have made this their permanent home and have cute little yards and stuff.

I guess that's about it.  If I left anything out or you are curious about anything that comes with living in a campground just let me know!  I will keep updating as we get a little more settled.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Surprise by Chloe

Chloe found a new hiding spot for some of her goodies.  I guess that's one benefit to a new place.  There are all kinds of new places and things to explore.  The sock is easy to notice.  I have no idea why she thought it needed to be there.  It you look closer at the bottom you will notice there is an animal cracker as well.  I guess she was saving it for later.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playground Fun

Our campground has a little playground for the kids.  There aren't a lot of "little girl" toys and there are often big kids there playing so it isn't as much fun for Chloe, but we still go play sometimes.  It gives us new scenery and it has a lot of space for her to run and play with her ball, so it is still a pretty cool place to go. Chloe entertains herself with all kinds of things while we are there.  We spend a lot of time outside during the days so she has all kinds of time to explore and learn new things.

 She has the keys and the ball

 Giving the ball a ride


 What's in here?

 Checking it out

 Sand in a water bottle lid

 She has learned what keys are used for and most of the times finds the right key for whatever she is trying to unlock

Playing outside makes a little girl super tired. Don't worry, I pulled her little feet back into the crib before I went to bed.