Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365: Week Twenty-Two

Week twenty-two in pictures

12.29.09 With my car.

12.30.09 Drinking some homemade wassil.

12.31.09 Happy New Year! The first one Clint hasn't worked the night shift and our first one as a married couple.

1.1.10 Relaxing.

1.2.09 Putting away the Christmas decorations.

1.3.09 Happy Anniversary to us! 1 Year!

1.4.09 His and Hers. Roses in our wedding rose vase.

Project 365: Week Twenty-One

Week twenty-one in pictures

12.22.09 Blowing up the air mattress at 3am. We traveled to San Angelo after Clint got off on ourway to Amarillo for Christmas.

12.23.09 Looking at the plane on the Airforce base.

12.24.09 His and Hers. These came in really handy for pushing my sis and bro-in-law out the ditch they slipped into on the way to Amarillo after the winter storm.

12.25.09 Playing with our nieces. They loved this Christmas gift.

12.26.09 With our little animals that we got in our stocking.

12.27.09 The day we had to go home. Such sweet little nieces. We miss them.

12.28.09 Lucy watches every bite that Clint takes.

Project 365: Week Twenty

Week twenty in pictures

12.15.09 There goes more than $100 to the HPD. He's taking this whole Tom Cruise thing a little too far! lol!

12.16.09 Clint went birthday shopping for me. It's hard to keep a secret in such a small place.

12.17.09 Wrapping presents.

12.18.09 His and Hers.

12.19.09 Meagen's (Clint's cousin and my friend) wedding. I was a bridesmaid.

12.20.09 Today was my birthday and we celebrated Christmas with Clint's family.

12.21.09 His and Hers.

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Week nineteen in pictures

12.8.09 His and Hers.

12.09.09 Playing Star Wars on the Wii.

12.10.09 Christmas photo with Lucy.

12.11.09 We have been shopping.

12.12.09 Watching a Christmas Movie.

12.13.09 Christmas shopping. Who/what are we shopping for?

12.14.09 After Christmas baking the kitchen was a disaster so I enlisted Clint's help in cleaning.

Project 365: Week Eighteen

Week 18 in pictures.

12.1.09 Its cold outside.

12.2.09 His and Hers.

12.3.09 Clint didn't feel good so I made him some Chicken soup.

12.4.09 It snowed today but Clint didn't get home from work before dark so we didn't get a picture with the snow but I made some nice hot stew for dinner.

12.5.09 Getting some gas.

12.6.09 Printing some pictures.

12.7.09 Making some Christmas gifts.

Project 365: Week 17

Week 17 in pictures.

Boy... I have gotten behind in posting my pictures. We have still been taking our daily picture but finding the time to actually post them on line has been another story. So, here we go hope you enjoy seeing how we spent our holiday season.

11.24.09 Clint got us some cool Christmas glasses that light up and flash when you push the button on the bottom.

11.25.09 Decorating for Christmas.

11.26.09 Clint with the hat I got him for his birthday. Happy Birthday Babe!

11.27.09 We got a new mattress today!

11.28.09 We went to visit Clint's grandma's grave with his Grandpa.

11.29.09 Our little tree and our First Christmas ornament.

11.30.09 Clint's new Patriots glass from his birthday. He is pretty proud of them!