Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surprise by Chloe

I opened the cabinet where I keep the water and discovered a little pile of silverware.  I guess she likes it here better than in the drawer where I like to keep it. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Little Catch Up - August

Ok, now August.  August turned in to a long month.  It was hot and that was about it.  Chloe and I wondered all over the campground.  She got bored with all the out door toys, and the playground.  We did have an awesome opportunity come up though.  Our church started a Mother's Day Out program.  They were hiring teachers so I applied and got hired.  Chloe gets to attend the program as part of the job.  It really is perfect.  It gets us out of the house a little bit, we make a little bit of money to put towards a house, and Chloe gets to play!

We took a little weekend trip to Dallas in August with Clint's cousins.  We went to the water park and toured the football stadium.  I didn't get very many pictures because, well, cameras and water don't mix and keeping up with a toddler while in a strange place makes taking pictures difficult too. 

Most of the pictures this month wound up being from my phone.  Guess I just always left the camera at home....

 Ready to go play.  Notice the tan lines.  We practically lived outside during the summer.


 Picking flowers and carrying a football

 Lost in the sea of stuffed friends

 How she entertained herself while I was packing suitcases

 Poor sick little girl fell asleep while I was in the shower

 Having a little lunch while waiting to have a flat fixed

 Jumping on the bed at the hotel in Dallas

Drawing with Jaxon

So that wraps up another month!  Making progress!  A few more days and we should be current!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Little Catch Up - July

July was so super hot.  The air conditioner in the trailer is much better than not having one at all, but it still had a hard time keeping up.  We did survive though and managed to keep somewhat busy.  Clint played volleyball with his cousins and some of their friends.  Chloe and I spent most of our days outside.  We walked around and around the campground, watered our flowers and plants and got a really good tan!  Steve and Cindy also got to come to visit for the 4th of July and we had a lot of fun with them.  Chloe loved playing with the sparklers.  It made me a nervous wreck because she isn't scared of anything.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack most of the night.  She did great with the, though and had a blast.  Steve and Cindy even watched Chloe one afternoon so Clint and I could go see a movie.  Yay for a date!! Enjoy the pictures from July!

 Gramma giving her a little ride

 Coloring with Gramma and cousin Jaxon



 Fun with fireworks

 She loved the sparklers

 Please don't catch Daddy's hair on fire!!

 She looks so grown up!

 Gramma and Poppa

 Love their faces!

A little beauty with her red shoes

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Catch Up - June

Oh dear!  I am so far behind!  You will have to excuse the past several months of quiet.  We have been busy playing outside, grilling out, still trying to find our routine after moving, I was organizing and getting photos put into an album, reading books, playing in the pool.... all kinds of summer activities!  Then summer turned to fall....  That coupled with my spotty internet and, well I haven't been motivated to get to the blogging.  I guess it is time to play a little catch up so get ready!  These next couple of posts will be crazy and full of random pictures and news so I can get caught up and ready for the holidays and new posts!

Let's see, I last posted in May so that means I need to start in June.  June held a visit from Mimi and Pawpaw, lots of playing outside.  We sweated A LOT!  Father's Day was in June, eating ice cream....  Well I'll just show you the cute pictures!

 Taking a rest with Mimi and Pawpaw

 Happy Father's Day!


 She loves to draw!


 Climbing up the big girl steps

 Pausing to rehydrate


 What yummy ice cream!

Getting every last bite!

So that was June in a nutshell.  Moving right along to July!