Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Time!

Summer is officially here complete with hot weather and everything.  I am more excited about summer than I normally am, but I know that a couple of months from now I will be hot and tired and ready for fall again.  I always am, but in the mean time I will enjoy it.  Working at our church's Mother's Day Out program this year has been a huge blessing, but after several months of schedules and routine and not having Chloe all to myself I am kind of excited for a few months of more laid back days, some fun play dates, spending some time with family and playing in the sunshine.  Chloe has already been enjoying the outdoors!

Eating her lunch in the little car given to her by some family
Washing her car
  Watering the grass for Mama.  I like doing comparisons when I wind up with some of the same pictures every year, to see how she has changed.  The left picture is last year and the right is this year.  She is growing so fast!

 Making her teachers a card.  She loves to create and is very serious about it. The finished product.

 A girl, her plants and her lunch

 Some friends gave Chloe a sandbox.  She was checking it out.

 Then she turned it into a swimming pool

Washing her car again!

During the summer outside is Chloe's favorite place to be so I know we will be spending a lot more time outside this summer.

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