Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Counting Quarters

Chloe entertains herself for a little bit while we are doing laundry.  She is learning to count and I caught her counting the quarters one day while I was loading the machines.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mother's Day Out

We have enjoyed our year at Mother's Day Out.  We met some amazing women that work there and Chloe has loved the program.  She had some really special teachers and they made the year really fun for her.  The arts and crafts were her favorite part, but she liked the chapel songs as well.  We are going to miss everyone for the summer.

 Mrs. Shaina

Mrs. Carmen

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Visiting Mimi and Pawpaw

We got to go visit Mimi and Pawpaw for Memorial Day and then Chloe and I got to go back in June for a little vacation.  Chloe has been begging and begging to go see Mimi and Pawpaw so she was so very excited when we finally got to go visit.

 Playing with Rugar

 She eats ice cream every night with Pawpaw before bed.  She wants every last drop!

 Puppy Kisses

 Helping with the flower beds

 Playing fetch

 Entertaining herself in the car. Oh my!

 Painting a mug for Mimi and Pawpaw

She has loved getting to play outside, chase the kitty, and play with the family.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gramma and Poppa's Visit

Steve and Cindy got to come for a little visit in May.  We always love getting to see them when they come visit.  Chloe was so super excited.  She was stuck to them like glue all weekend.  I left my camera at home pretty much all weekend, but did manage to get a goo picture of them together before they went home. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I had a great Mother's day weekend this year.  We didn't get to see either one of our mothers this year, but we did get to talk to both of them on the phone.  We got Olive Garden to go on Friday night which is my favorite place to eat.  On Saturday we went to a wildlife preserve that is in our area and had a nice little walk.  They had an activity for the kids where they got to color a flower pots for the moms and plant a flower.  They had Lantanas for the kids to plant which I was very excited for because I love those flowers.  Then Sunday was church and Clint took us out for ice cream that afternoon.  I enjoyed the weekend very much hanging out with my little family.

 Muffins with Mom at work

 Little Mother's Day gifts Chloe made at school

 Ice cream

Not the greatest pics, but Chole was so cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Time!

Summer is officially here complete with hot weather and everything.  I am more excited about summer than I normally am, but I know that a couple of months from now I will be hot and tired and ready for fall again.  I always am, but in the mean time I will enjoy it.  Working at our church's Mother's Day Out program this year has been a huge blessing, but after several months of schedules and routine and not having Chloe all to myself I am kind of excited for a few months of more laid back days, some fun play dates, spending some time with family and playing in the sunshine.  Chloe has already been enjoying the outdoors!

Eating her lunch in the little car given to her by some family
Washing her car
  Watering the grass for Mama.  I like doing comparisons when I wind up with some of the same pictures every year, to see how she has changed.  The left picture is last year and the right is this year.  She is growing so fast!

 Making her teachers a card.  She loves to create and is very serious about it. The finished product.

 A girl, her plants and her lunch

 Some friends gave Chloe a sandbox.  She was checking it out.

 Then she turned it into a swimming pool

Washing her car again!

During the summer outside is Chloe's favorite place to be so I know we will be spending a lot more time outside this summer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sleepy Princess

Our little girl had a few days where she didn't nap so was super tired by bed time.  It made for some long days, but some super sweet cuddles at night.

 Asleep watching cartoons with Daddy

 She pulled her little couch inside the bed with her one night and fell asleep in her own little cubby hole.  It was too cute not to take some pictures.